Leveraging relationships to open doors with Corporate Level Officers
Generating profit/revenue through compensation plans 
On-site Sales & Management Training 
Support in building clients Go-To-Market Strategy
Provide "C Level Staff" strategic guidance 
Coaching senior staff by linking department goals to business priorities 
Leadership-Memtoring Programs
Talent Development
Listening Skils
Creating effective proposals

Global Operation 

How well do you understand your offshore entity?
Sales & Marketing 
FCPA compliancy for marketing and sales organization?
Gray Market impact on revenue? 
Channel Partners inventory status & review Co-Op Advertising programs?  
Vetting Contract Manufactures 
Factory audit & process-flow review
Manufacturing yield assessment

Account Management
Managing the opportunity with Brookstone Group's proven Account Management guidelines.
Support the building sales teams
Manage Sales Risk
(Backlog - Risk = Outlook)
Managing the Account Management Process
The day that Nelson Mandela was elected as the new President of South Africa, the news headline read,
“He can win an election but can he run a Country? 
President Mandela said, 
“This is a legitimate question.”
The question for you is ‘now that you have won the business, how will you maintain it’?
And that too is a ‘Legitimate Question’
Brookstone Group will guide you through the steps to ensure you can answer that question with a resounding

The Management Cycle 
Understand Requirements & Resources'
Define the Objective 
Evaluate barriers of entry 
Manage the process 

The Business Cycle
Identify the objectives  
Win with aggressive proposal 
Manage focus on the opportunity
Maintain with a proactive Account Management

The Sales Cycle
Brookstone International Consultants